Female Softball Team from Poland to compete in the World Series
















Brzeg Dolphins, Little League, Brzeg, Poland. Photo:http://www.softballworldseries.org/.

Games started on Thursday, August 6 and ended on Wednesday, August 12. The final was broadcasted on the ESPN Network (check your local listings). If you are in the area, please support the Brzeg Dolphins!

For more information or the schedule, visit http://www.softballworldseries.org/.

















Photo: http://www.pnybf.com/Brzeg.htm

Additionally, I would like to address the issue of equipment. As you could imagine, it is almost impossible to get baseball and softball equipment in Europe, let alone Poland. The coaches of the Dolphins expressed their difficulty of getting quality equipment and the extremely high costs associated with purchasing it in the US and Canada.
Therefore, if you have any used/old baseball and softball equipment, such as gloves, balls, or bats, please contact me (734.331.0009 or [email protected]). Help promote the great game of baseball in Poland!

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