Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and SIU President Glenn Poshard announce recommendations for $31 billion capital plan

“Whether it be an Olympic bid for Chicago or a bridge over the Mississippi, I am absolutely convinced that this state cannot wait a single day longer for a capital construction bill,” said President Poshard. “We need to put people to work, we need to secure our position as this nation’s transportation hub and we need to access the federal transportation funds secured in a bi-partisan effort by Former Speaker Hastert and our congressional delegation.”

“Over the last eleven weeks, our group has traveled the state and heard first hand from employers, workers, parents, teachers and others about the tremendous need for investment in our roads, schools and other infrastructure. Their testimony confirmed our belief that after nearly ten years, it is past time for Illinois to pass a Capital Bill,” Hastert said. “Those insights were vital in forming the recommendations announced today. President Poshard and I now look forward to working closely with the Governor and General Assembly in taking the next step of delivering a comprehensive, bi-partisan capital bill of which we can all be proud.”

Based on the listening sessions and face-to-face meetings with this state’s political leaders, Co-Chairs Hastert and Poshard recommend the following:

Invest $31 billion in transportation, education, energy, health care, environmental and water, economic development and other critical infrastructure and quality of life needs for the citizens of Illinois.