Internationally Recognized Artist Olga Perry Brings Inspirational Message: Make Life a Masterpiece


Olga Perry was born in Magadan, Russia a port town on the Sea of Okhotsk in Siberia. Soon after Olga’s birth her parents, both chemical engineers, moved to Moscow where Olga grew up.

In Russia, Olga’s career changes included becoming a classically trained pianist, a mechanical engineer, a M.D., Ph.D., a Major in Russian Army and a business owner. 
Perry moved to America in 1995 where day jobs included being a baby-sitter, a waitress, a college student, a computer programmer, a corporate manager and finally the vice president of a renewable energy corporation.

In 2000, fell in love and went in a very different direction, that of a full time artist.
In 2004 was influenced by a great Master of our time, Jesse Corsaut, who just happened to be Olga’s neighbor in Pacific Grove, CA.

„It was years of magic and inspirational collaboration with great artists, dancers and musicians and exciting Friday nights at Kalisa Moore’s theater,” recalls Perry.
Olga’s surrealistic style presents panoramas that are exotic, mysterious and inviting. A favorite theme in Olga’s work is identity and its interaction with the Time-Space Continuum.

Eye of the Beholder
Perry lets the paintings background become a tear in the fabric of life. The look of uniformity gives way to the discovering the scores of irregularities, hidden shapes and forms that leave the viewer with lasting impressions while the Beholder is observing his own creation. It holds an unexpected liveliness of light and color and exudes a vast emotional range and depth. She has stated that this work came shortly before an epiphany that lead her back to playing piano again after decades of not touching the instrument.  „Inspiration from the gods,” as she recalls.
„We are part of everything and everything is part of us” is the message of Olga’s work. „Experience the beauty of being and expand your love. Life is our canvas, let’s make it a masterpiece!”

Kalisa Moore
Olga Perry’s style can also be traditional and precise. The character in her portrait seems to be alive and ready to speak. The soulful expression she evokes goes beyond just capturing a likeness. With the flick of the wrist Perry captures the inner soul of her subjects.
Perry has painted hundreds of portraits with subjects ranging from scientists at NASA, famous musicians, other artists, writers, farmers, children and others from every walk of life
The New Collection of Olga’s work is dedicated to her late teacher Jesse Corsaut and Monterey Bay art community. At the artist’s Avery Gallery reception Perry will be performing with her band Revolushn.

The collection is currently on display at The Avery Gallery located at the Seaside City Hall, 440 Harcourt Ave Seaside, California 93955.
An Artists Reception will be held at The Avery Gallery on January 13, 2017 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.