Miroslaw-Matyja-Academia for Democracy

This year, in Indonesia and India, was established Miroslaw-Matyja-Academia for Democracy (MMAFD).

The aim of this institution is to enable students in Asian countries to undertake online studies. Towards this goal, the Academy establishes contacts with various universities, not only in Asia but also in the USA and Europe.
During the current pandemic, many universities in Asian countries have closed, and insufficient infrastructure makes it impossible to study online.
MMAFD seeks to fill this gap. It is a pioneering work, but it is already bringing the first results, for example, students from Indonesia undertake studies in India. Exactly at the Indian Management School and Research Centre (IMSR). The current challenge of MMAFD is signing a contract with one of the universities in the USA. Soon we will also cooperate with some universities in Europe.

This year, we want to open a special course at the Academy to study different types of democracy. Towards this goal, we will invite professors from different countries to present their chosen models of democracy in the world. Our wish is that each student who passes through our Academy should be required to complete a course on democracy, including, of course, direct democracy.

MMAFD has its own Book Publisher namely Bircu Publishing with the following website: https://www.bircupublishing.com/
Every year, MMAFD tries to hold an international seminar discussing hot issues relating to democracy in international society.
The motto of the academy is simply:
Education is a natural and democratic right for all people in the world.
We help you to find the best university for you.
In this sense, everyone who wants to study should be able to study. University education must not only be for the elite.

Link for MMAFD:
Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy – Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy (mmafd.or.id)
MMAFD has its own scientific international journals:
1. Birci Journal: http://www.bircu-journal.com/index.php/birci
2. BirLE Journal: http://www.bircu-journal.com/index.php/birle
3. BirEx Journal: https://bircu-journal.com/index.php/birex
4. Siasat Journal: https://siasatjournal.com/index.php/siasat
5. Konfrontasi Journal: http://www.konfrontasi.net/index.php/konfrontasi2

Prof. Miroslaw Matyja
Prof. Muhammed Ridwan
Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy – Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy (mmafd.or.id)