Open Letter on Poland’s Current Political State


Open Letter on Poland’s Current Political State

Polish Americans view with great concern the multiple, serious breaches of the law recently committed by the new Polish Government, ostensibly to restore liberal democracy in Poland.

The new Government forcible removal of the CEOs and boards at TVP, Polskie Radio, and the Polish Press Agency raise serious questions about its intentions and long-term commitment to media freedom. The dramatic arrest of two opposition lawmakers under controversial circumstances and the questionable dismissal of the National Public Prosecutor by the Attorney General raises doubts about the Government’s adherence to the letter of the law and the pledge to restore its rule. The proposed revised process by which members of the National Council of the Judiciary are appointed also causes concern. These and other reportedly corrective actions that the new Administration has taken, whether right or wrong, have regrettably caused widespread political and social turmoil, mainly because of an „iron broom” approach.

Equally concerning are signals that suggest significant slowing or abandonment of strategically essential investments such as the Świnoujście Port, construction of nuclear power plants, modernization of military forces, and the building of the Central Communication Port outside of Warsaw. Also, disquieting are indications that the issue of German reparations, which was vigorously pursued by the previous Administration, may not be similarly followed. Further alarming is the revelation of the Minister of Culture’s blacklist that prohibits funding for conservative civil society groups, which include Caritas Polska, Ordo Iuris, conservative publications, and other Catholic groups

.It should be clear that Polish Americans firmly desire and envision Poland with robust governmental and political institutions, a strong national defense, a resilient civil society, and a diversified economic infrastructure. The actions cited above, however, call into question the vision of Poland’s political leadership, which must be clearly defined and which history will sharply judge.

We, therefore, call on Prime Minister Tusk, Marshall of the Sejm Hołownia, and Marshall of the Senate Kidawa-Błońska to work with President Duda and the opposition leadership to heal the current political divide and mitigate the resultant disorder by implementing appropriate solutions for the issues that genuinely affect the Polish people. We further implore the current Administration to continue carrying out the planned infrastructure projects that will propel Poland into the next critically-needed stage of national, economic and security development.

Edward Wojciech Jeśman,

President Polish American Strategic Initiative (PASI) and Polish American Congress of Southern California

Dr. Gene Sokolowski, President

Polish American Strategic Initiative Educational Organization

Marek Waniołka, President

Polish American Congress, Missouri Division

Richard Brzozowski, President

Polish American Congress, Long Island Division

Jerzy Bogdziewicz, President

Polish American Congress, Florida Division

Andrzej Burghardt, President

Polish American Congress, New Jersey Division

Ann Bankowski, President

Polish American Congress, Michigan Division

Dr. Andrzej Prokopczuk, President

Polish American Congress of Northern California

Bożena Celina Urbankowski, President

Polish American Congress, Northern New Jersey Division

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