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Milewski Brooklyn, N.Y. … When the Downstate New York Division of the Polish American Congress (PAC) pays tribute to the Polish AmericanTeachers Association (PATA) at this year’s Annual Awards Banquet, Bernadette O’Keefe, president of the teachers group, will accept the honors on behalf of her organization.


Shown here with PAC president Frank Milewski, Ms. O’Keefe developed a proposed study curriculum on the contributions of Thaddeus Kosciuszko to General George Washington’s historic victory in America’s War of Independence.

 The Polish American Congress feels Kosciuszko’s role in the battle of Saratoga (N.Y.) and making it “the turning point of the American Revolution” as well as his building of the fortifications around West Point,  merit special attention in the study of American history in the public schools of New York State


Photo by Polish American Congress

“General Kosciuszko is a Polish hero.  He became an American hero in our country’s fight for freedom and independence.  His contributions

to winning that fight were right here in New York.  Our kids should know that,” said Milewski who expressed his appreciation for Ms. O’Keefe’s input into the Kosciuszko curriculum.


The Polish American Teachers Association was formed in 1973 in response to the need for raising Polish ethnic consciousness within their profession.  They sought to bring together those colleagues who identified with their heritage and who also wished to learn and to teach accurately the history and culture of Poland as well as the role and contributions of Poles in America.


PATA’s business meetings are held at the Kosciuszko Foundationin New York City.  The teachers invite all educators to become members.