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Over the past three weeks I have been able to not only watch two extremely different styles of Pro Wrestling, but have also been able to observe and report about them aswell. One style being the American base style and the other being Lucha Libre (Mexico) style of wrestling.

 Heisman During PCW’s event which took place on February 19th, Tom Heisman would finally get his revenge on Simmon’s Inc. leader, JT Simmons in a singles match since Matt Creed was injured the month prior by none other than Simmon’s Inc.

  The match started out with “The Inc” coming out with JT and blocking the entrance so that they would be able to just both Tom Heisman and Matt Creed, Youth Gone Wild, as they would make their way to the ring. But both Tom and Matt stormed to the ring, running straight from the front door of the arena and missed what could have been a full on assault. The match between both Tom Heisman and JT Simmons was a “High Voltage” match and came with many momentum change on slots from both men. But in the end Simmon’s Inc would come out with the win and another bragging right over PCW.

 The Main Event of the night would be both Jarod Preist and The Butcher squaring off in a normal single bout for the PCW Heavyweight Championship. Both men hit big moves and had trademark moments that they would only be able to do. But in the end The Butcher would retain his PCW Championship to fight for another day.

  wrestling The next event would be Galli Lucha Libre which took place on February 26th. But on this night Matt Creed would return to action in a triple threat match against “The Main Event” Josh Christian and The Strangler. The had everything you would look for in a match, from its high flying to its hard hitting moments it was definitely a match to see.



But the headlining match that took the crowd on a rollorcoaster of excitement would be the HUGE six man tag team match which consisted of Tom Heisman, Jarod Preist, and Sameray Del Sol vs The Corperation. From Del Sol and Heisman’s high flying and Jarod Preist technical ground and pound offense and The Corperations Lucha Libre background the match was truly a barn burner. But when the fog settled The Corperation would walk away with the win hitting a wheelbarrow codebreaker out of nowhere on Heisman.

Both events that were a exciting night to be a wrestling fan.

 Tom Heisman in PCW show


  We invite you to PCW’s next show on March 26th, 2011, which will consist of very special guest Road Warrior Animal, who will be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame April 2, 2011. For more info on this event please go to

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