What if you need a lawyer?

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law prawo

In America only 10 % of wealthy people afford to have a lawyer on retainer, 10% will receive legal services when they are on public aid. The rest of us, 80% of population will hire a lawyer only when they need it and some of them will not be able to afford one.

Let’s face it, in America we buy insurance to protect our home, our car, some will buy health insurance if they can afford it. The reason why we need these insurances is so that without them we would not be able to pay expenses that we may incur. What if there was insurance, that for a monthly low fee we can have a lawyer on our side without paying large amount of money.  If we want to hire a lawyer, regular fees quite often are on average $200-300.00/hr.

Good news! There is such insurance and it is provided by Pre-Paid Legal Services, a firm that has been in business for the past 37 years and has contract with large legal firms with top rating in 50 states. There are over 1.5 million members that take advantage of the services offered by Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Pre-Paid Legal Services offers 4 main services included in Extended Family Plan

1.     Preventive Legal Services –legal service advice, letters, phone calls, contract and document review up to 10 pages per year, prepare of standard will and living will

2.     Motor Vehicle Services – minor legal expenses (moving traffic violations), major legal expenses including manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter or vehicular homicide

3.     Trial Defense Services – up to 75 hrs of your Provider Law Firm’s time

4.     IRS Audit – up to 50 hrs off attorney time

One of the great values that are also offered is:

·        Legal Shield – if you are ever stopped by the officer of the law, you can call your lawyer 24 hours

·        Identity Theft Plan – it offers protection of your identity and in case of breach you will receive also restoration services.

Are there any limitations and exclusions? Of course there are, but they are spelled in your plan and the attorney will make you aware of them before they start the case. Additional benefit of being a member is that you will receive any additional services that are not covered by plan with a 25% discount. Remember you will always be treated with respect and dignity like any other client of the firm, and if you need help with the law firm, Prepaid Legal Services will be right there behind you.

Mark Soltan

[email protected]