With Humor and Baton



host of the Program Maciej Niesiolowski
The Paderewski Symphony Orchestra
invites you to a Gala Concert
With humor and baton!

Sunday, October 30,  2011 at 5:00PM
Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago IL

Maciej Niesiolowski – conductor and narrator
This concert production is created and staged by Maciej Niesiolowski, one of Poland’s most renowned contemporary conductors, the author of the popular Polish Television Program “With humor and baton!” The evening will be filled with beautiful music, and good natured fun. The concert program will feature the most popular concert hall pieces: our favorite melodies, famous arias, opera duets, as well as music from movies and musicals, performed by exceptional soloists and by the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra. In addition you will hear fun and interesting anecdotes from the lives of stars of the stage, see reenactments and skits. This will be the first time that Chicago’s audience will have a chance to admire a pair of soloists currently deemed to be among Poland’s top artists: Anita Maszczyk and Michal Musiola – winner of the Competition of Polish Tenors.

 “Anita Maszczyk and Michał Musioł make a great pair, which amuses and touches audiences to tear… They both have beautiful voices, great dance moves and  charisma – together they create a new level of stage performance”
Wroclaw Evening, June 2011