Almost miracle



The challenges I personally faced, along with those of my family and close friends have gratefully been changed to the point of allowing us to lead a more healthy normal life.

          I’m a Polish emigrant and currently live in the Chicago area.  All my life I have been active in sports.  Due to extensive training and competing, my knees have been damaged to such an extent that I had to seek medical treatment.  After 15 years of unsuccessful procedures and physical therapy, my doctor decided the only choice I had left that might bring me relief was knee replacement.  Additionally, a few years ago I suffered spine damage after being involved in a car accident.  Over time, I received 10 spinal blocks, which unfortunately offered no relief.  In spite of everything, I continued to decline surgery because of the risks involved.

          I am a mother of two beautiful girls.  With both pregnancies, I had toxemia.  My blood pressure would not return to normal even though I was taking two pills a day.  My health issues seemed to be unending.  Surprisingly, everything now has changed!

          Today, I no longer have pain in my knees and for the first time in 15 years, I can kneel.  The pain in my spine is about 95% gone.  My blood pressure normalized, and I was able to put my medication aside.  In addition to that, my allergies have gone away, my eyesight has improved and energy has increased dramatically.  I haven’t felt this good in 20 years.  Everything changed due to a product called Reliv.  Even though it’s been available in the American market for 21 years, I have to confess at first I was extremely skeptical of the results this product seamed to produce.  However, as time progressed I experienced outstanding results.  I can say with a clear conscience there is nothing better available on the market to help your body in its fight against various ailments.  As for my doctor, well, he can’t believe my health problems have virtually repaired themselves and wants to try it himself.

          After my incredible experience I decided to share this unbelievable find with my family, friends and currently with you as well.  Many of my friends and relatives have decided to try it for themselves and currently not one of them is disappointed.

          My daughter (Liz) who is 7 years old was plagued with allergies.  Since the age of 2, she had to take medication.  When she turned 3, her doctor added an inhaler for asthma.  Additionally, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying from growing pains in her joints.  Nowadays, with Reliv, my Liz does not need allergy medication, her asthma is nonexistent and her growing pains are gone.  She can finally do everything that kids her age do on a daily basis.

          My mother (Elizabeth) nearly 30 years ago, had unsuccessful back surgery.  The pain was unrelenting due to a partially sliced nerve.  As a result, she did not have full use of her leg and had a dropped foot.  The long-term damage let to arthritis.  Painkillers had side effects and their prolonged use damaged her liver and pancreas.  There were only a limited number of foods she could consume without her digestive system acting up.  Now after taking Reliv she no longer needs painkillers.  Her digestive system began working normally and she has regained full use of her leg.  Her dropped foot is nearly 80% recovered.  Her eyesight has improved as well.  She says, “I don’t need to feel better than this for the rest of my life.  It is like a dream come true”.

          My friend Barbara is a type 2 diabetic.  She’s been insulin dependent for 6 years now.  Two years ago, gangrene had taken over her left foot and she had to have it amputated.  In addition, 5 months ago the same situation began to overtake her right foot and leg.  It became infected and inflamed up to her knee. 

A diabetic sore opened on her toe.  Doctors were not optimistic and suggested a surgical procedure that could have led to the loss of her leg.  She tried Reliv.  Barbara is extremely happy.  The inflammation was gone within just one day, the infection cleared up within a week and her sore closed up.  Now, after 2 months with the addition of a product for blood sugar management, she was able to lower her insulin intake by 30%.  She feels that Reliv not only saved her leg but more importantly her life.



After all my experiences with this tremendous product I became deeply interested in the numerous results others were experiencing.  I have learned that there are people who have MS that have had results, as well as those battling cancer with no additional chemo, radiation or surgery.  I have met people whose kidneys are beginning to function properly and they have avoided dialysis.  Children with ADD and ADHD are having phenomenal results.  What astonished me the most were the results experienced by those with Autism and Down syndrome.  When I asked people about depression, which seems to be and epidemic nowadays, they say that it’s as easy to come out of it, as it is to get rid of sniffles. I also found out that these products have a patent in the US.  I do not know if it works for every single person, but I do know that everyone who takes it properly has amazing results.

I could go on and on with additional examples.  To me, best of all, Reliv is now beginning to become available in Poland, which makes me extremely grateful in being able to help people who share my roots.  With great pleasure, I will share the information that I have acquired.  If this has given you hope or peaked your interest, contact me as soon as possible.


Best Regards,

Barb W.

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