Chicago Archdiocese – “Civic and Community Engagement”

 Excellent example of this underhanded behavior is the “Sale of St. Adalbert church to the Music School”, by the Chicago Archdiocese; where no one knows for sure what the real story is, no one knows the truth except “Archbishop Blasé Cupich and his Associates”, and they prefer to keep this affair private, perhaps secret, which makes for very un-Christian, un-Catholic behavior.
The only time Archbishop Cupich speaks, it is when he asks for more money; but when asked by the Polish Community what is the story with the sale of the Church, he loses his voice; is he showing disrespect or contempt for the Polish Community, or is it just his way of ‘religiously communicating’? – Whatever the symptoms are, they are very destructive not only for the Catholic Church and Faith, but also very divisive to the Polish Community.
This old Church was built with blood, sweat and tears of our ‘Polish Forefathers’, and supported by the Polish Community for over 100-years…
Children and grandchildren of these ‘Polish Forefathers’ want to know what is the situation with the Church? – But they are being stoned-walled by the Archdiocese and the Polish Priests that work for that organization…is that fair?
Information provided below are the record of communications with the Archdiocese, with the Vatican, and with the Polish Government who in opinion of the writer are also responsible for this mas (Catholic Mass?) that the Chicago Polish Community is-in; which was created by the Chicago Archdiocese.
Please review information provided, and if you could, offer your opinions or suggestion on what next steps should be, to save that Church from the wracking-ball. – Lets make this whole thing into a “Civic and Community Engagement” program that could be shared with the ‘world community’.
Share with me your ‘Catholic experiences’, good or bad, so I could also share that with the Polish Community to relieve the pain, frustration, and disappointment with the Church, and with the Priests, that they have!
Thank you for taking time to review what was said; and for your comments and observations.
Henryk Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation
Email: [email protected] ; Tel: (708) 387-0810


Attention: Vatican Secretary of State; Congregations; and the Pontifical Councils.
Most Honorable Administrators of the Catholic Church,
As a concern practicing Catholic, I bring you news of dark clouds gathering over the Chicago Archdiocese that will bring devastation to all things we care for, for the price of the 30-pieces of silver that the Chicago Archdiocese is accepting from the Latino ‘Music School’, in exchange for the sale of a Polish Catholic Church, which was built with blood sweat and tears of the Polish immigrants, and supported by the Polish Community for over 100-years!
+ Brothers in Christ, hear my warnings!
The Archdiocese is ignoring pleas for dialog and understanding from the Polish Community, who are the most generous supporters of the Global Catholic Church not only financially, but also with priests. By refusing to meet with the Polish Community, the Archdiocese has caused unbelievably high level of anger, grief, and hate directed at the Archdiocese, and the Archbishop.
I have attended some of the Polish Community meetings as an observer, and listened to what was said, and planed…
+ Brothers in Christ, your ‘Catholic Congregation’ is heading into a very dangerous storm, and the Captain refuses to adjust the course of the Archdiocese, simply because, he already has put the silver-pieces in his back packet.
Does the Captain care what damages this storm will bring to the Catholic Church? Or is he just a drunken sailor swaggering around, hurting Polish Community, and expecting that his thoughtless action will bring favor with the Latino Holy Father?
What are the real purposes behind the Archdiocese, and the Archbishops actions?
What will the Chinese and others think when all of the previous miss-deeds by the Chicago Archdiocese and the Archbishops are aired out? Will this hidden news of various “Catholic Sins” committed by the aforementioned impress them? – Will ‘Other Sins’ come to light?
I personally have a great deal of respect for the Archbishop and the Chicago Archdiocese, and that is the reason for my contacting you directly. Also, I am a member of the Polish Community, and understand their feelings and concerns, which are the reasons for this blunt communication.
Recently, I submitted to the Archdiocese and the Archbishop a very honorable solution that I think will resolve all of the Archdiocese issues… And also help the Polish Community to honor their ancestors’ memory… I would very much like to see this wonderful building saved as a Chicago Landmark…
My interests are no other than what was said above… It is difficult to understand why any intelligent person and organization acting in the name of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Mother Mary would stoop to such low level and destroy such a beautiful and priceless historical building of one culture, just to build the condominiums in an effort to profit?
But then, this is Chicago, and “Unholy Things” are expected to happen on regular bases.
+ Brothers in Christ, in the history of the Catholic Church, there was one other that has accepted 30-pieces of silver; perhaps you recall that story, and how it ends. By doing nothing you will allow the Catholic Church to be crucified, just like Jesus was!
Please review all of the communications carefully to better understand where all of this is going, and bring the issue of the ‘ Chicago sale of the Polish Catholic Church to the Latino Music School’, to the attention of His Holiness Pope Francis, for divine intervention.
+ May God guide your decisions and actions, as you are now on the mission to save the name, and perhaps the very-existence of the Catholic Faith! – You are now on a mission!
In this new age when people are better educated and connected; and can communicate with each-other globally at the touch of a button, the old ways of doing things no longer work…
You cannot control people as you have, and bully them to obey your wishes… People are not stupid anymore; they can see what is happening… Perhaps the Holy See needs to reassess its dealings with the faithful, and accept the ‘New Reality’… Come out of your offices, and take a look around you – – -. Reflect on the meaning of elections in the U.S.A, and Europe.
+ In the name of Christ,
Henryk Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation
Brookfield, Illinois 60315 U.S.A.
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Following email sent to the attention of Archbishop Cupich, and the following: [email protected],[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected], [email protected],[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected],

To the attention of Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich
Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich
Archbishop of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979
Your Eminence,
We all know that this is a very difficult time for Your Eminence and the Chicago Archdiocese, due to decreasing parishioner participation in affairs of the Church, and the parishioners’ generosity.
But this are very difficult times for all concerned, which makes understanding each-other somewhat more complex, contributing to parishioners miss-understanding of the decisions that Your Eminence is faced with.
Having participated as a guest in couple of recent polish community meetings regarding the “Sale of St. Adalbert Church”, I was most concerned with direction in which the discussions were going. Most troublesome were comments made by the Cannon Law Attorney, suggesting various actions to be taken to effectively delay and interfere with the “Sale of the St. Adalbert Church”…
The general feelings in the meetings were; if the polish community loses the battle for St. Adalbert, other Polish Churches will be sold; so they have adopted the ‘fight-to-the-death’ mentality; reinforcing their grievances with stories of what was, and what they will do…They were very angry crowd, that felt betrayed.
One thing clear from these meetings is that the polish community wants St. Adalbert Church to be ‘saved’ as a “Place of Worship”, and retain the ‘polish heritage’ in honor of their forefathers…this I think is reasonable and attainable, if there is a flexibility from all sides.
In my recent conversation with the representative of the Archdiocese, reference was made that there is existing agreement between the Archdiocese and the ‘Music School’, which the Archdiocese needs to honor; a noble thing to do…but perhaps flexibility is, what is more important.
Your Eminence, perhaps there is a solution that will satisfy all of the parties to this conflict?
This solution was recently discussed with the Archdiocese representative, and is now being formally presented to Your Excellency for consideration; copy forwarded to the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Alderman Daniel Solis, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Congressman Peter Roskam, and PNA-PAC President Mr. Frank Spula; as well as MSZ-RP x2… Additionally, copy of this email is being forwarded worldwide, to other interested parties; not listed.
OFFER TO ACQUIRE the St. Adalbert Church property.
In the email dated February 14TH 2017 addressed to Your Eminence and to the Chicago Archdiocese, preliminary inquiry was made by the Road to Peace Foundation regarding acquisition of the real-estate property known as the “St. Adalbert Church”.
Request was made to initiate discussions between the Archdiocese and the Road to Peace, with respect to acquisition of the aforementioned.
As stated in the conversation with the Chicago Archdiocese representative, Road to Peace is registered as non-profit, non-political, non-religious; with mandate to operate in the political, religious, educational, and scientific environments…Additionally; was registered in 2002 in the USA as Road to Peace (U.S.A.) Inc., and in 2002 in Canada as Road to Peace Inc.
CHURCH BUILDING usage consideration.
Upon completion of acquisition; Road to Peace Foundation will apply to the City of Chicago for Designation of the “St. Adalbert Church” building, as a historical-heritage site.
1. – Road to Peace Foundation would allow the ‘Music School’ to perform musical concerts within the Church, provided such performance would be in line with the Chicago Archdiocese and Road to Peace thinking (it is understood that this is one of the conditions that is a part of the supposedly existing purchase agreement between the Chicago Archdiocese, and the Music School). 2. – Road to Peace Foundation would allow “St. Adalbert Church” building to be used as a “Place of Worship” in accordance with the Chicago Archdiocese guidelines, and Road to Peace consent (this is one of the conditions polish community has). 3. – Road to Peace Foundation will name the “St. Adalbert Church” building for the ‘Journey of Peace’, with Pope Saint John Paul II as a central figure within that project…designed to recognize individuals that have and are contributing to world peace and the greater good (the Pope Saint John Paul II ‘Journey of Peace’ designation would fulfill the polish community requirement of maintaining “St. Adalbert Church” building, as a polish heritage site).
The Pope Saint John Paul II ‘Journey of Peace’ is based on the actual events that the Road to Peace Foundation has arranged for a delegation to meet with Pope John Paul II, and to participate in a private Mass in the Popes’ Chapel. The leader of that group, Dr. Len Chen is the person who signed the ‘End of War’ document between China and Taiwan, together with President of China Hu Jintao; crediting John Paul Il influence for that.
The basic idea of the ‘Journey of Peace’ is to recognize that ‘End of War’ signing, and the influence that John Paul II had on Dr. Liens’ decision resulting in the ‘End of War’ agreement.
We will recognize that historic event through sculpture located in carefully selected location within the “St. Adalbert Church” building. This would not be a shrine, but rather a well promoted landmark and a tourist attraction aimed at the Chinese and Oriental audiences.
“St. Adalbert Church” building is not the first Road to Peace project in its size and consequence; and it is not the first project where sculpture is being used as a tool to reach certain objectives… Road to Peace goal would be to convert the “St. Adalbert Church” building from being a “Church”, to becoming a “Cultural International Attraction”.
Other building-structures that might be included in the acquisition of the “St. Adalbert Church” would be used for socially oriented initiatives such as helping abused women and single mothers with small children… or purposes of equivalent social consequence.
 “St. Adalbert Church” location within Chicago is favorable to such proposal; that is why I am confident of success.
Humbly submitted,
Henryk F. Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation
4200 Forest Avenue
Brookfield, Illinois 60513-2128
Tel: (708) 387-0810
Dear Cardinal Cupich,
The intent of this submittal is not to interfere with the decision process of the Archdiocese, or attempt of reversing what is.
The intent is to reflect on the experiences I had that are related to St. Adalbert Church sale, and propose alternative which perhaps if circumstances arise, Your Eminence could consider.
Your Eminence, please accept my most sincere appreciation for the chance of having discussed with the representative of the Archdiocese situation related to the “Sale of St. Adalbert Church”…and please accept my most sincere wishes that this experiment ends well.
Henryk Marciniak
Public response to the email above, that was sent to Archbishop Cupich dated 2017.02.24 was immediate, overwhelming, and international…Not supportive of Archbishops’ actions. One of the selected-communications which was sent to the office of His Excellence Cardinal Cupich from one of the Faithful; is shared with below…
I have you email from face book- the last place i look at. My concern is : questions and problems connected to  this Church  in particular  Archdiocese and consequences of certain  management style…
I speak as private person (But I’m public too) in reference to the handling such a difficult issue: closure the pastoral center for catholics.”
As premise I reject:  Roma locuta causa finita …and lack of dialogue between this Society and Archbishop Blaze.. Myself long time ago I spoke with former pope.. I know  ( and they knew me) the height cardinal authorities…  Privately I’m independent researcher in Katholic  Social Teaching and  knowledgeable in Jewish -polish relations 1939-45 , 58
My remarks are not in any form and shape critical- just sheared concerns… I don’t speak in the name of Polish community , nor any established organization Incidentally when I was joung I was instrumental in building the physical church as well as Kindom of God’s children…
My friends are in contract with archdiocese on  political level….
In reference to this particular situation I wanted to remark that:
1.  Polish community was offended when Cardinal Cody took away St Adlabert cemetary from Poles management  Since then the  Polish catholics were aware of  Card. Cody’s condo purchase and question connected to his son.. Naturally this was personal to CArdinal Cody , but the knowledge was common to that effect… Not to mention 5 mill dollars for his cardinals insignia… Question of other cardinal Bernardin bulldozing the church was not helpful to keep an image of the Church…
Perfectly I understand financial trouble of archdiocese connected to pedophile  expenses…
I’m perfectly aware that archbishop is a pastor of God;s Kingdom of children , but also  manager of a big corporation .. This management has its rules , but  faith of the people has to be considered?
I read the so called reasons to close St Adalbert … In the shadow of 2 mil eventually received.. but control damage  was not take into full account..
This society took its concern to Rome as faithful children of Good, but  as citizens and common sense people that are a step away to take their concern to the large public, where Cardinal is appealing for  large sum of money to be sent and declared…  A few news conferences about the questions tied to Saint Albert and an appeal to resist  to send the money to the Cardinal  can be sufficient to  cut  big source of money. According to my estimate much more that two millions plus human   anger and frustration.
Cardinal , as well as you and me we are aware that catholic population in Archdiocese is shrinking 3-5 % awry year despite constant influx of Poles and Mexicans.
No to mention recent conference about Polish catholics at Loyola…  The organizer of the conference was a person   teaching Polish of a Jewish origin..  All the subject missed the point of the conference .. and speakers including b-p Wypych did not talk on the subject….or indicated any knowledge of  pastoral , or social issues…
My suggestion would be to establish a means of communications between Cardinal and the group and  to do what humanly and divine is possible to keep this place in catholic , or archdiocese hands, keeping in mind that damage  is outpacing  the immediate benefits.
All the Best,
Requested to remain anonymous
Sale of St. Adalbert Church email with attachments below was sent to 1650 individuals internationally, on February 18th 2017, which resulted in unexpectedly large number of responses, with significant number listing supposed impropriates and indiscretions by various Catholic-Church Officials that are not yet in the public domain…
Sale of St. Adalbert Church – God does not need money.
Dear Friends,
One of the major issues in the Chicago Polish Community is the Sale of St. Adalbert church to Music School. – This Music School in my opinion is most likely acting on behalf of the “Hispanic Council (Consejo)” created with headquarters in a church in Cicero, Illinois, in a heavily Hispanic area…I believe that this is the Archbishops project.
I view this Sale of St. Adalbert church to Music School as stripping the polish community of its heritage which our forefathers have built…justifying it as doing something else.
Polish community had for a long time tried communication with the Archdiocese and Archbishop, but nothing was workable…how could it be? …The deal most likely was already made, with Archbishop hoping that polish community will eventually give up.
As a last resort, polish community has initiated Petitioning Archbishop Blase J. Cupich: Stop the Sale of St. Adalbert church to Music School thinking that perhaps that will help; but how can it? – The Archdiocese already has made the deal I suspect; which could be the reason why the Archdiocese is not communicating with the polish community, and why the Polish Catholic Priest are stonewalling…I think that the Polish Diaspora is being played by the Archdiocese … it’s time for the community to WAKE UP and take notice!
Next time you go to the Catholic Church, perhaps place a piece a paper with the words “THE RESISTANCE” in their collection box; send the message…Don’t allow the voice and the hand of the polish community that feeds the Archdiocese, to be ignored.
Don’t let anyone play the Polish Diaspora for the bunch of idiots.
You can only effect the change in the Archdiocese thinking with donations; money talks loud and clear … God does not need money; Church does!
Awaken “THE RESISTANCE” to the Sale of St. Adalbert church!
And let the fires of justice burn – In the Name of Your Forefathers!
And if St. Adalbert church is sold to the Music School, add more wood to the fire.
+ May God guide “THE RESISTANCE”; – John Paul II said; “Do not Be Afraid!”
Henryk F. Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation
Open communications…global distribution to the Polish Diaspora, and others. – Please forward this email to your friends, and asked them to email forward, … and forward…
Below 2-emails to the Archdiocese-Archbishop…we are waiting for response.
ON – 2017.02.18 – At 11:29AM-this email was sent to the Chicago Archdiocese.
[email protected][email protected]
Your Eminence professed „public dialogue … marked by civility and clarity
Your Eminence,
I am following up on my communications with your office of February 14, 2017.
I am very disappointed because having Your Eminence professed „public dialogue … marked by civility and clarity” in 2006; your office did not get that message yet. – I am waiting for the promised call back, and the written response.
Following previous email to Your Eminence, I have contacted major polish organizations and was told that the Archdiocese is totally ignoring and blocking all dialogue with Your Eminence; and encouraging Polish Catholic Priests to avoid dealing with questions regarding the Sale of St. Adalbert church…Is this the new definition of “public dialogue … marked by civility and clarity” Your Eminence has professed in 2006?
It is the opinion and rumors with-in the polish community that this is a political action on part of the Archdiocese to subdue and subjugate polish community in favor of the new “Hispanic Council (Consejo)” created with headquarters in a church in Cicero, Illinois, in a heavily Hispanic area…
Is the Chicago Archdiocese and the Catholic Church throwing the polish community under the “Consejo Bus?” – Is this the new Vatican approach supported by Pope Francis?
Your Eminence, St. Adalbert church was built and supported by the polish community for over a 100-years…This Church was built with blood, sweat and tears of our polish forefathers and now the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church is prepared to dance on our forefathers graves having the Music School play the Funeral March…no shame!
Following the 2008 presidential election, Your Eminence advised bishops to find ways to work with the incoming Obama administration: „Keep in mind a prophecy of denunciation quickly wears thin, and it seems to me what we need is a prophecy of solidarity, with the community we serve and the nation that we live in”… …Your Eminence; does this only apply to Obama and the Democratic Party, and not to the polish community? – What has changed?
Your Eminence; it is very clear to me from conversations I had, and information available on the internet, that the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church, as well as Your Eminence has taken political position in support of one political side…
Therefore; through this email I am awakening global polish community to that fact, and requesting all community members to initiate “THE RESISTANCE” to the unacceptable actions of the Archdiocese and the Catholic Church, and request them to contact the Republican Party, as well as the Administration of President Trump regarding this political-situation, to level the playing field!
Let “THE RESISTANCE” to Sale of St. Adalbert church awakens! – Let The Fires of Justice Burn!
I respectfully request written response to my previous email, with clear explanation what is the status of the “Sale of St. Adalbert church to the Music School”.
+ May God guide you, when you’re responding,
Henryk F. Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation

Open communications…global distribution to the Polish Diaspora, and others.
ON – 2017.02.14 – I have called the Chicago Archdiocese Office at 10:30AM and spoke with first lady that said I need to talk to the Real-Estate Department about the Church sale; said would transfer me there-which she did…I spoke with the second lady that said person to whom I need to speak is not in his office; suggested I leave voice message so that person can call me as soon as they return…I did the voice message but received no call back… I sent email at 12:13PM- which had to be limited to 200-words – email said……
Re: Sale of St. Adalbert church to the Road to Peace Foundation
Your Eminence,
Would like to meet with Your Eminence (or your people) regarding purchase of St. Adalbert Church. – Proposed solution is eloquent and beneficial to the Archdiocese, and Polish community
General idea: non-profit foundation registered as non-political non-religious, with mandate to operate in political, religious and educational fields, front the purchase; after purchase, apply to the City for designation of St Adalbert as a heritage site.
St Adalbert church building would be named for the ‘journey of peace’, with ‘Pope Saint John Paul II’ as main course; other structures would have similar self-sustaining use (abuse women and single mothers with children, etc.).
Project is follow-up to previous-international Road to Peace project. Example: Morning Prayer and meeting of 14-Chinese Business +political figures with John Paul II, construction of Church in Brampton-Ontario, Canada. – Road to Peace has “Letter of Support’ from former Cardinal George, and political-international support. – This proposed discussed with Polish National Alliance Chicago Society people.
It’s very eloquent solution for Archdiocese that will bring praise.
Hopefully this email has the Blessing of ‘All Mighty’;
Henryk Marciniak
Road to Peace Foundation
Tel: (708) 387-0810