Enthusiastic reception of STONES FOR THE RAMPART in Chicago!

The Chicago premiere audience awarded with applause a new Polish blockbuster STONES FOR THE RAMPART directed by internationally acclaimed film artist Robert Glinski at the film’s first screenings in Muvico Rosemont 18. Nearly sold out audience enthusiastically received the movie, the same as previously the viewers in Toronto. Based on a famous novel by scout leader Aleksander Kaminski, published by the Polish underground in WWII, the movie stirred controversy in Poland for its departure from a literary original. However, artistic quality of Glinski’s film turned out to completely justify his interpretation. He succeeded in making a very modern film with clear and attractive narration and full of life characters. It’s a must see hit from Poland, and one of the most important Polish movies in recent years.


The biggest hit in Polish movie theaters now, STONES FOR THE RAMPART, is playing next on upcoming Wednesday, April 16th in Muvico Theater, Rosemont 18 (9701 Bryn Mawr Ave.) at 8:00 PM.

A poignant war drama about bravery, honor, love and friendship.
They were young, brave, in love, but lived in a tragic time of war. They became a legend. Rudy, Zoska and Alek, were members of „Gray Ranks”, Polish underground movement. They were young and hungry for life, and nothing was impossible for them. One day, they woke up in the world with no place left for dreams. They faced the choice to humbly accept the war reality or to risk their own lives, and go up against Nazis by carrying out small acts of sabotage. Their patriotism and faith in freedom gave them courage and strength. With no experience and no weapons, those young idealists were „Like stones thrown by God upon a great rampart.”
Film is in Polish/German with English subtitles. Unrated, and suggested as PG13.

A full list of screenings:
April 16 (Wednesday) at 8 PM.
April 23 (Wednesday) at 8 PM.
April 27 (Sunday) at 3 PM and 5:30 PM.

Information and tickets: 773-486-9612773-486-9612 or www.pffamerica.com
Ticket price: $16.00 – general seating or $20.00 (VIP section).