“My Country So Beautiful” by Grzegorz Paprzycki on the run for Oscars 2021!

My Country, So Beautiful” was produced by Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School in Katowice, Poland, and is the winner of several awards on national and international festivals and now is going to fight for the Oscar run! The film won the international competition for Best Documentary Short-Film on the E TudoVerdade/It’s All True International Documentary Film Festival in São Paolo, Brazil. The film win qualifies to apply for the American Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences award. This means that the movie got on the so-called long Oscar list.

My Country So Beautiful” is a documentary portrait of Poland, in which two forces clash representing completely different worldviews. The left-wing vision of the country against homogeneous Poland built by the extreme right. Among these ideologies – people who fight in the name of their own values and principles. There is one main disagreement – nationalism.

Grzegorz Paprzycki

I am very happy that “My Country So Beautiful” has been awarded on such a prestigious Festival in Brazil. Perhaps the message of the Film is meaningful not only for the Poles but also for the residents of other countries who need to struggle with hypocrisy, discrimination and the fight for a better tomorrow as well. I strongly believe that the need for dialogue, and most of all, for change concerns us all. Let’s talk to one another as this is the only way to get real results. I hope that thanks to the Oscar run, the Film reaches a wider range of audiences and will lead to many discussions which would fulfill its initial purpose.” – Grzegorz Paprzycki, director of the Film “My Country So Beautiful”.

The artistic supervisors of the Film are Andrzej Fidyk and Beata Dzianowicz.

So far the film received awards on multiple festivals in Poland and abroad, among others:

  • Krakow Film Festival (best film),

  • É Tudo Verdade – Festival Internacional de Documentários in São Paolo, Brazil (best short documentary),

  • International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA in Poznan (an audience award),

  • Młodzi i Film Festival in Koszalin (best short documentary),

  • Best OFF Festival in Warsaw (grand prix),

  • Szczecin European Film Festival (the best film).


More information about the Film on www.facebook.com/mojkrajtakipieknyashortfilm