President Obama to Headline Moving America Forward


Events for the Democratic Party in Campaign’s Final Weekend

— Vice President, First Lady Rallying Voters in Key States —

OBAMA Washington, D.C. — The DNC announced today that President Obama will headline four Moving America Forward “Get Out the Vote” campaign events the final weekend before the election on November 2.  On Saturday, October 30, the President will be in Philadelphia, PA, Bridgeport, CT, and Chicago, IL, and, on Sunday, October 31, he’ll return to Cleveland, OH.  Previous rallies in Madison, WI, Philadelphia, PA, and Columbus, OH, drew tens of thousands of supporters and have been credited with energizing Democrats and improving poll numbers for candidates.

The President is headlining two Moving America Forward rallies tomorrow, one in Los Angeles and another in Las Vegas.

Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama also will be on the campaign trail in the closing days.  The Vice President will be with the President in Cleveland on October 31.  On November 1, the First Lady will headline events in Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

During the final weekend of campaigning, President Obama will rally Democratic supporters and talk to Americans about what’s at stake in the outcome of the midterm elections.  He will make the case to his supporters that it is critical that they return to the polls this year to elect strong Democratic leaders and retain Democratic majorities in Congress.  The President will appeal to voters to help him continue to move America forward, rather than enabling a return to the failed Republican economic policies that led to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Regarding the President’s participation, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said:

“President Obama is committed to delivering the change Americans voted for in 2008.  With the help of Democrats in Congress, he has worked hard to get our country back on the right track, but there is still more to be done to repair the damage caused by nearly a decade of failed Republican policies.  That’s why President Obama is working hard to elect and reelect strong Democratic partners in Congress and in the states to help move America forward.  The President’s efforts to date have been vital to increasing Democratic enthusiasm and putting our candidates in a position to win and to defy the pundits’ expectations for this election.  As we see the tide turning in our direction, the President, participating in these events and laying out the choice voters face on November 2, will be vital to improving our chances for success on Election Day.”

Times, venues, and other details for these events will be released in the coming days.

Saturday, October 30
President Obama:

– Philadelphia, PA:  Moving America Forward GOTV Canvass Kickoff Event
– Bridgeport, CT:  Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally
–  Chicago, IL:  Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally

Sunday, October 31
President Obama and Vice President Biden:

–  Cleveland, OH:  Moving America Forward GOTV Campaign Rally

Monday, November 1
First Lady Michelle Obama:
–    Philadelphia, PA
   Las Vegas, NV